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Our Story

Jele was founded by a father-son team in Denver, Colorado to solve a problem lots of parents and kids have. Hydration for kids is super important, but water tastes boring to them, so they don’t drink enough. Most will gladly down a bottle of the big sports drink brands, but these are loaded with sugar and unnatural colors; and have a huge carbon footprint.

Frustrated with the lack of healthy drinks for kids, and after 2 years of research and development, Jele was born. Jele tablets encourage proper hydration by making water taste good! They are made with all-natural ingredients, low in sugar and sodium, are super convenient to carry and better for the planet than sports drinks in plastic bottles.

Jele hydration tablets are MADE IN THE USA at an NSF GMP-Registered facility.


Better Fuel, Less Plastic

In addition to providing vitamins and key electrolytes, Jele tabs also reduce the impact plastic is having on our lives. Each recyclable tube of Jele contains (10) tablets that you mix with water. The tubes are super convenient and fit easily in a backpack, purse, gym bag or luggage for travel.

The carbon footprint of the plastic bottles from the big sports drink brands is enormous. In addition to the raw materials and energy used to make the bottles, a huge impact is made with the transport of the bottles from their source, to the bottling facility, to the stores where you buy them and finally, to your home. Only 25% of all the plastic in the US is recycled, so most of those plastic bottles end up in landfills, with some even making their way to our oceans. 

By using Jele tablets, you’re hydrating your body with healthy vitamins and electrolytes and you’re helping the planet, too!