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hydration tablets
formulated for kids!
Vitamins + Electrolytes
All Natural
1g Sugar
Jele Hydration Tablets
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1g Sugar.
All Natural.

No artificial anything.

Jele Hydration Tablets
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Calcium. Vitamin C. Vitamin D.

Strong bones. Immune support.

Jele Hydration Tablets
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Magnesium. Potassium. Sodium.

Muscle function. Efficient hydration.

Jele Hydration Tablets
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Better fuel.

Less plastic.

Jele Reduces Plastic Waste

Formulated Specifically for Kids

Jele hydration tablets were developed by a father-son team in Denver, Colorado who were frustrated by a lack of healthy sports drinks for kids. When added to water, Jele tablets create a great-tasting, all-natural sports drink, giving kids more of what they need (electrolytes and vitamins) and less of what they don’t (SUGAR!). Staying hydrated supports the immune system and promotes healthy organ and muscle function. Drop one tablet in 16 oz of water and watch it dissolve in about 5 minutes!

Table comparing Jele ingredients to other sports drinks.


“I like the zinginess!”

Stella - 12

“I like that it tastes good!”

Tarik - 8

“It tastes sweet even though there is not a lot of sugar.”

Ethan - 12

“The fruit punch tastes like fruit punch and you can taste a lot of different flavors.”

Rees - 10